Grownsy UV CPAP Sanitizer Box Review

Last Updated on August 24, 2021

Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Box is ideal for sterilizing anything that can fit inside- be it bottles, dolls, or phones. With this sanitizer box you can easily kill 99% of germs on items that we use in everyday life.

Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer is specifically designed for use by large families. Yes, some have described Grownsy UV Light as “the perfect product for a pandemic!”

Families can use this sanitizer box to clean items in the kitchen, the house, hotels, beauty salons, baby care centers, and many other places. It’s handy for cleaning baby bottles. It’s perfect for boosting NICU babies’ immunity. Why not place it near the door for every family member to use as soon as they return home?

Here’s more about this “pandemic product.”

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Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer – Key Features

  • HEPA Filter: Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer machine is designed to dry at 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you can use the items as soon as the drying process is complete. The sanitizer is designed with a HEPA filter that ensures fresh air enters the machine
  • Auto Mode: Great for drying and sterilizing.
  • Mirror Inner Wall Design: The machine is also fitted with a mirror inner wall design. You can achieve 360-degree sterilization and optimal efficiency by reflecting the UV-C LED. When the lid auto opens, you’ll immediately know the process is complete.
  • Large Capacity Case: The sanitizer’s large capacity case can accommodate 12 baby bottles
  • UV Bulbs: Grownsy’s UV sanitizing box is designed with the Philips G5 germicidal UV bulbs. The 8 W bulb gives out 2.4 W of UVC light- this provides enough radiation output to disinfect all your devices effectively.
  • Ideal Weight: Weighs 6.6Ib, large capacity yet occupies a smaller space
  • Multipurpose: Can be used in the household, hotels, hospitals and baby care centers, and beauty salons; it’s a versatile product.
  • Simple Dimensions:84 x 9.84 x 9.84 in.
  • Melt- Brown Filter: The device is designed with a melt-blown filter to ensure fresh air always enters. The design is modern and elegant.


  • Always clean the device before use.
  • Never put in electronics when using the “drying mode.” Only use electronics with the “dry and service” (auto mode).
  • Ensure you replace the filter every 3-6 months.

What Are Some Pros/ Benefits of Using Grownsy UV light sterilizer box?

Here’s what some users Say on Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer:

My Life is Simpler Now

In September 2020, Christina Richard wrote:

“My life is now so much simpler because of Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Box. It makes me rejoice when I come home, pop my keys, mask, phone, and almost everything else that can fit right in there!”

“And it has become so easy to sterilize my things. I love it so much- and the box is lightweight; it means I can carry it anywhere I want; moreover, it’s so easy to store. And when the sterilization process is done, the lid pops open automatically to let me know it’s done. Yes, during these times of the Covid-19 uncertainties, I get my peace of mind from Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer.”

“I don’t really know how I survived before Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer arrived!” she concludes.

It’s Quiet and Spacious

In May 2021, Garret writes:

This quiet and spacious product is tested with a UVC indicator card; it has a test affirmed UVC ray sterilization. Overall, I’m very satisfied.”

Michael H. wrote this in September 2020:

“Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer is very impressive! That was my first thought when it arrived in a clean white color- my favorite color. And the size is huge! This means I can put most items inside.”

“I think this (large size) is particularly useful in this Covid 19 times- I can sanitize everything I buy from the store, sterilize them and keep safe. Moreover, it’s quite easy to use and I love that.”

Convenient to Use

In August 2020, Salin wrote:

“I find this sanitizer very convenient to use. Moreover, I can stuff plenty of the items get them cleaned easily. Before that, I had bought a different brand, but I found it horrible- it even leaked! Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer is simple to use. Further, it does its job pretty quickly.”

OperaGeek wrote in August 2020

I have a 21-month-old boy, and I really needed UV sanitizer for the baby bottle and cups etc. Fortunately, my friend recommended this product- I love it. Why? It’s super easy to use, quiet, compact (doesn’t take much space), the pricing is good, and it’s safe and easy to clean on the inside.”

“And there are other bonuses- after sanitizing the bottle and cups, they smell much better regardless of the earlier stink! I guess it’d be really to have the Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer if you’re a mom. Just like a friend recommended it to me, I also recommend it to others.”

Ideal for Quick Sanitization

BF wrote this in August 2020

My OCD and anxiety have peaked during this coronavirus pandemic. The OCD has been especially noticeable through my phone and glasses’ dirtiness. Thus, I needed to be sure that all my items are well-cleaned and sanitized when I return home. Then I heard from friends that Grownsy’s UV sanitizing box is relatively easy to use. I decided to buy one just to discover if there was anything new.

Surprisingly, the box soon became such a positive addiction- my life changed. Within minutes of returning home, I am assured that my phone s clear of all bacteria- and whatever else was collected throughout the day.

Since it’s so big and compact, I can even put all my roommate’s phones inside, and soon they’re quickly sanitized. The box comes designed with a drying feature- I plan to try this with my utensils later on.

Verdict: Clearly, most users of Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer highly recommend the product. Indeed, it was a challenge to find the products’ drawbacks.


Are you looking for a fantastic way to sterilize the smaller items in your home or elsewhere? Consider going for Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Box. The device is designed large and compact- keep this in mind: Whatever fits in will get sterilized.

Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Box is ideal for baby bottles, utensils, pacifiers, phones, makeup tools, and a lot more. With the anxieties created by the Covid 19 pandemic and our busy lives, it’s certainly great to have around a product that can eliminate the worry that germs can get on things that cannot be washed using soap.

Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Box is quick, effective, and can let you live more efficiently. Yes, you can have greater peace of mind and sterilize everyday items using Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Box.

Just like many users, we highly recommend this “perfect pandemic product.”

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