Does Soclean Still Work? Here are the Facts

Last Updated on August 24, 2021

Many people have asked the question – yes, does SoClean still work as well as it did years ago? Of course, such a question has a tinge of doubt-based on the observations after years of use. So, what are the facts?

Let’s find out.

Consider The Facts

Well, SoClean, just like Lumin does not really work. Why? These are not cleaners. Instead, they are sanitizers. So, what does it mean to clean? Simply put, we clean to remove dirt and similar particles. Generally, the best cleaning agents are water and soap. On its part, sanitizing involves acting to reduce the number of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

To sanitize effectively, you must first clean and clean thoroughly. The dilemma is: Even if you clean in this way, you’ll still have lots of bacteria, fungi, and viruses left behind. Fortunately, the act of disinfection kills most of these organisms. A lot depends on the disinfection level (either low, intermediate, or high level). Using high-level disinfection can kill all the microorganisms (including HIV viruses and TB bacteria).

Note that the leading CPAP manufacturers (including Philips Respironics and Resmed) advise users of such devices to clean their CPAP machine and related suppliers personally. Indeed, if you use your device alone, it’s simply enough to clean the equipment. You only need soap and water to accomplish the task. It’s recommended to wash the mask daily with soap and water. The humidifier should also be cleaned with soap and water daily.

Multiple CPAP Users? Here’s What to Do

But what if you are sharing your CPAP equipment with more than one user? Yes, at times, this happens in hospitals, sleep labs, and similar places. At times, some patients may share their CPAP and supplies.  In such a situation, the manufacturers advise that you use high-level disinfection.

Take the first step- clean your equipment with water and soap. Next, use chemicals like ortho- phthalaldehyde with water near the boiling point (at 90 degrees c. temperatures) for one minute. Keep in mind that if you don’t clean first, the process of sanitization o disinfection will not work well. Yes- this first step is crucial in initiating the process. Also, remember- SoClean uses ozone in its sanitizing or disinfectant process. On the other hand, Lumin uses ultraviolet light in its sanitization process. Despite this, you must first clean the device- as noted, it’s crucial to do so.

Once you clean the equipment (assuming you use the device alone), there’ll be no need to sanitize. But if you share your CPAP equipment or its supplies with other parties, it won’t be enough merely to sanitize. You’ll have to follow this with high-level disinfection.

Do You Have to Spend More?  The Choice is Yours!

Ultimately, is it wise to spend more on buying CPAP sanitizing equipment?  Well, consider this: Regardless of what many say, sanitizing your equipment still works only if you clean your equipment first- there’s no shortcut.

Think of this too: Where’s the evidence that using your CPAP actually causes infections? The evidence is nowhere near conclusive. For you to kill the bacteria, fungi, and viruses, you must use the high-level disinfection process.

But if you simply love the CPAP sanitizing device, you may still go for it. Just remember that cleaning your equipment and supplies comes first. If you don’t clean the device first, you’ll put your health at risk.  That’s our advice.

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