Do CPAP Cleaning Devices Come with Some Insurance Cover Plans?

Last Updated on August 24, 2021

Are you familiar with how a CPAP cleaner works? Well, most users of these devices really love them! Why, they offer incredible convenience to victims of sleep apnea. They are also unquestionably effective.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that many often ask: Do CPAP cleaners come with an insurance package? As we all know, it makes a lot of sense to insure all valuable personal possessions. So, is there any form of insurance for CPAP cleaners?

Well, sadly, no! CPAP cleaners do not come with an insurance package. At the moment, most insurance companies do not have CPAP cleaners on their radar. But this doesn’t mean you can do nothing about the situation.

In fact, you can do the following things to access some form of insurance:

  • Use your Health Savings Account (HSA) for any CPAP cleaner-related purchases
  • Use the Flexible Spending Account

In most cases, most CPAP users generally try to benefit from a CPAP cleaner checkout when they really don’t have a budget for that. Well, why don’t we take some time to discuss a few relevant questions regarding the popular subject of CPAP cleaning machines? Off we go!

Are CPAP Cleaners Covered By Medicare?

No, they are not! As it is, Medicare will not pay for your CPAP cleaner. But there’s a silver lining somewhere-Medicare does cover sleep apnea in its structures. It also covers the purchase and rental of CPAP machines. But note this important point- a supplier must use a specified Medicare supplier number. This is the only way Medicare will pay for such supplies and equipment.

 How Can HSA Benefit You?

Well, this is merely an abbreviation for the Health Savings Account. HSA is a unique scheme where funds are deposited into specific accounts and subsequently rolled over for a period of one year. As of 2019, each family was allowed to contribute up to $6,900. However, in the recent past, the situation has changed. It is now common for employer-based health service providers to serve as a comparable savings unit. Regardless, individuals can still enroll for a special health savings unit-which is primarily non-employer-based.

Can You Benefit From FSA?

The abbreviation FSA refers to a flexible spending account. This is quite similar to a health saving account; the difference isn’t big. Think of this: First, the employer typically initiates an FSA. This is- essentially- a pre-tax contribution that the employer deducts from the worker.

In practice, this kind of money (which is usually secured in that savings account) will typically stay up to the end of the current calendar year. What does this mean?  You really need to get this right- it means that whatever is not used and, therefore, remains in this account will be irretrievably lost! Furthermore, the administrators may use this type of FSA for various health-related needs and co-pays; you get it now, don’t you?

Are Sleep Equipment Cleaning Machines Usually Catered to By Insurance?

Again, sadly, no! It doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is- no insurer does. We really hope that this might change in the future; regardless, this is how things are at the moment. Sad, you must feel.

Will You Get Insurance Cover Using SoClean?

Well, the story is much the same; at the moment, SoClean doesn’t enjoy insurance cover. But there’s a way around it- you can use your regular savings kept in the HAS or FSA account to buy yourself a SoClean CPAP cleaner. Indeed, both of these savings accounts are excellent cost-reducing options. Yes, to guarantee that your cleaning machine will get some form of insurance coverage, you won’t get a better choice than FSA and HSA.

Is There a Way to Have the HSA Paying For SoClean?

Essentially, the authorities intended HSA to help you save for emergency needs. That is why the money saved usually goes directly into the account pre-tax. Thus, you’ll enjoy an exemption from income tax deductions on these. You also won’t pay tax on the invested balance interest. Furthermore, you won’t have your withdrawals getting taxed when you use the money from this account to settle the qualified medical expenses bill.

Overall, since any unused balance is rolled over to the following year, you’ll never lose your investments kept here. Don’t you agree that HSA is a truly beautiful way to enjoy some healthcare savings? You likely do! Ultimately, if you use HSA funds to buy yourself the SoClean 2 machine, you won’t have to pay the income tax, which is usually pegged on this machine’s purchase price.


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