Best CPAP Cleaners Comparison: Which Sanitizer should you buy?

Are you dealing with sleep apnea? If so, you likely use a CPAP machine; and you probably use a CPAP cleaner to sanitize the machine.  Since you value your health, you know that cleaning your CPAP machine using the best CPAP cleaner removes harmful bacteria that can jeopardize your health. 

Thus, it’s essential to use a high-quality, reliable CPAP cleaner. This is the only way your CPAP machine can function best. 

What CPAP machine accessories must you especially focus on?  These include the water chamber, the mask, tubing, and the headgear. Select a CPAP machine cleaner that’s capable of activating oxygen as well ultraviolet light on its own; yes, pick a cleaner that does not rely on water to eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold.

So, which CPAP cleaners are the best? How can you know? 

That’s precisely what we want to discuss next.

Top Rated CPAP Cleaners [Updated January 2022]

Leel CPAP Cleaner

  • Safe activated oxygen to sanitize thoroughly
  • Destroys bacteria safely and quickly
  • One-button Cleaning; Fast charging technology
Our Rating:

Clyn O3 Travel

  • World’s smallest CPAP cleaner
  • Liquid and Hassle-Free CPAP Cleaning Method
  • One-click CPAP sanitizing process; Auto shut off
Our Rating:

We used a Special Method to Test and Discover the Best CPAP cleaners

Generally, it’s a near-impossible mission to try testing the quality of a CPAP cleaner in a health laboratory. For this reason, we used a unique method to determine the issue. How?

We sought out Dr. Savard, a qualified and experienced health professional, and requested that his long-time patients write some reviews on the favorite cleaners they use. We considered this the best way to find out what successful sleep apnea doctors use and what works with their patients.

Subsequently, we selected the 8 most popular CPAP cleaners and subjected them to our own rigorous test for two weeks. So we deeply researched each of the 8 excellent CPAP cleaners. 

Further, we evaluated each cleaner’s effectiveness and investigated the unique features, warranties, sanitation technologies and costs. We also considered the customer and other expert opinions, mainly focusing on 5-star reviews.

So, here’s the result- a fine selection of the best available CPAP cleaners on the market. Consider our pick of the best of the best!

CPAP Cleaner Reviews

Leel CPAP Cleaner

Doesn’t it make good sense? You know you can quickly develop CPAP infections simply by using dirty water, mask or tubing, don’t you? Indeed, you might develop infections due to factors like fungus, mould or bacteria, which usually hide in the CPAP tubing or mask. In addition, the water that’s used in the humidifier may have potentially harmful organisms. 

Of course, as you likely know, using a dirty CPAP or BiPAP machine can harm your health and reduce the CPAP machine’s lifespan in equal measure. As a remedy, clean your CPAP mask as regularly as you can. Also, use the right CPAP cleaning machine explicitly designed for such equipment; yes, using a well-tested device like the LEEL CPAP cleaner will ensure you remain fresh and clean. 

At the same time, it’ll protect you from the dangers of harmful bacteria and germs. It’s, therefore, a fantastic idea to choose a LEEL CPAP cleaner to do the job. Doubtless, LEEL CPAP is a highly-rated cleaner and sanitiser; essentially, LEEL CPAP is an easily portable O3 CPAP cleaning device. 

Here are some of LEEP CPAP’s important features:

      Essential Features of LEEL CPAP Cleaner (The Pros)

  • LEEL CPAP cleaner is an all-in-one device; this means it comes with all the necessary accessories in a single package
  • LEEP CPAP sanitizes equipment thoroughly; it uses safe, activated oxygen
  • You can use LEEL CPAP for drying and cleaning
  • The ultra-compact device ideally measures 4.7×1.95×1.95 inch
  • LEEL CPAP is highly reliable since it eliminates bacteria safely, efficiently, and quickly.

Positive Elements of LEEL PAP’s Technical Performance (The Pros):

  • LEEL PAP is amazingly powerful; the device offers users 8x sanitizing cycles for every charge!
  • LEEL CPAP is designed to provide modern fast-charging technology in a short time
  • The device uses one-button charging and is, therefore, super easy to operate
  • Many consider LEEL PAP as the cheapest, best alternative to SoClean.

Why Should You Choose LEEL CPAP Cleaner Over the Alternatives?

Well, there are many reasons! For starters, LEEL CPAP cleaner is completely safe and convenient to use. But here are other compelling reasons:

  • Super-Effective (99%): LEEP CPAP cleaner disinfects using safe, controlled activated oxygen. In fact, LEEP CPAP device has proven activated oxygen (or ozone); this is quite effective and eliminates 99% of the pathogens and bacteria. Further, you can conveniently sanitize the entire equipment comprising the CPAP machine, the mask and its tubing through a controlled activated oxygen stream in just 20 to 30 minutes
  • Ultra-Modern Technology- Enabled: The technology used in designing the LEEP CPAP is peculiarly used in the medical and cleaning industries
  • Odor Eliminating Device: LEEL O3 CPAP cleaner uses specially optimized features to complete its sanitization features in 20-30 minutes. This cycle involves using activated oxygen to sanitize the equipment for 15 minutes; it also involves blowing fresh air into the equipment for 5 minutes
  • Odorless Carbon Filters: Some cleaners are designed with odourless carbon filters; essentially, this means more freshness in using the equipment and less odor. Hence, you need not worry about the odor-producing ozone

Important Note: While some consumers complain about the unpleasant smell of ozone after cleaning, note that this is how things should be; you merely need to ventilate the area after each cleaning cycle and you’re good to go

  • Lightweight and Portable:  LEEL CPAP cleaner is generally lightweight and portable. As noted, the device measures some 4.7 x 1.95x 1.95 inches. This is-ideally- a palm-size CPAP cleaner. It’s, therefore, perfectly suitable for home use and travel purposes. LEEL CPAP cleaner also comes with a large display screen. While using the device, you can quickly check the time and monitor its power consumption
  • Super-Simple: The device features a one-button start- as soon as the sanitizing cycle is complete, it’s designed to shut off automatically.

Are There Any Downsides (Cons) in Using LEEL CPAP Cleaner?

Yes! Like all other products, LEEL PAP is not perfect.

LEEL PAP has Odor-producing ozone: 

Generally, using LEEL CPAP comes with a certain ozone odor. Nevertheless, the odor is relatively slight; it isn’t acrid or excessively bothersome.

Overall Verdict 

So, do we recommend LEEL PAP Cleaner? 


As noted, those who have used LEEL PAP cleaner almost unanimously recommend this product as convenient, easy to use, and ultra-modern in nature and design. LEEL PAP is a moderately-priced and a great alternative to popular cleaners like SoClean. 

Although the product has a slight odor, it’s relatively superior to many cleaners on the market. Further, the device is easily portable and ideal for use at home and when travelling. 

Hopefully, you can now make a better-informed decision.

Respify CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

Respify CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer is a liquid-free BiPAP/ CPAP sanitizing system that uses the 03 powers (ozone) to eliminate almost 99.9% of bacteria and wipes out the sleep equipment odor without many problems.

Ultra-portable: Respify frees you of maintenance and other costs.

How to Use Respify: 

Without using Ozone, Respify sanitizes the nasal interface, reservoir and tubing. You won’t have to worry about the possibility of warranty implications on your PAP machine because Respify works independently of the machine.

You can use Respify with these 3 simple steps:

  • Quickly wipe the nasal pillows or cushion; this removes any skin residues
  • Place the bag inside the Zip-it bag (with reservoir and tubing)
  • Next, press the button to activate Respify and-it’s done.

Ultra-modern equipment:  Eliminates pathogens found in the PAP; Respify can eliminate 99.9% of the odor and the bacteria

Respify uses the same technology applied in the medical and hospitality industries 

Designed for home and travel use: You can use Respify for many years. The device is designed with the innovative closed system technology. Hence, you don’t need to use filters, adapters or incur other costs.

Caution: Avoid using Respify with PVC or Natural Rubber- containing sleep equipment. When exposed to ozone such material can discolor/ off-gas or oxidize prematurely.

Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Vastmedic VM8 offers the perfect way to clean the CPAP hose and mask. Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer generally uses germ-killing activated oxygen or ozone to eliminate all pathogens.

It also uses UV light and is especially suitable for home use.

Essential Features of the Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Safe to use: Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer thoroughly cleans your CPAP material and other equipment by removing 99% of the pathogens and bacteria in each disinfection cycle. 

Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer is useful for keeping the mask and hose free from bacterial growth and viruses; you can use it daily or however you like , as necessary.

Compatible with most CPAP machines: Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer works well with different CPAP machines; it’s conveniently designed with mini adapters and a heated hose. It’s ideally designed with a dual-mode that facilitates an efficient disinfection process.

Versatile & multifunctional use:  You may clean and disinfect different CPAP masks and its accessories using Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer. You may use it to sanitize your household and medical products, including toothbrushes and dentures.

NB: When using Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer, it’s best to remove and empty the water reservoir from your CPAP machine before commencing the sterilization process.

High quality and affordable: NB: Vastmedic CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer is generally inexpensive and high quality; your health is well protected rather than compromised when you use it.

Clyn UVC1

Essential Features of Clyn UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaner:

  • Ozone free
  • Portable: features a hard case; easy to travel with
  • Ultraviolet light- its powerful 275 mm ultraviolet light disinfects deep inside the CPAP hose
  • Kills 99% of the bacteria, mold and viruses in 180 seconds
  • Convenient and safe
  • Has a long-lasting battery: features a rechargeable battery with app. 80 sanitizing cycles on  single charge
  • Versatile: Compatible with most CPAP hose brands
  • Chemical free ( You use your CPAP hose faster)
  • Measures an ideal 4.9 x 1.9 x 1.5 inch

How UVC LED Kills Microorganisms:

Essentially, Clyn UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaner emits a powerful high energy light; this occurs within a UV-C narrow spectrum.

Clyn UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaner generally uses highly potent germicidal UV-C LEDs that produce the high amounts of UV energy; 99% of the device’s energy revolves around some 275nm. The light occurs near the apex of the 265nm germicidal effectiveness curve; this is a highly lethal wave that eliminates microorganisms.

The 3 minute cycle dose of UV-C is enough to destroy most of the bacteria and mold occurring on the surface of the hose. Clyn UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaner is environmentally friendly to its users; it does not leave any residue, chemicals or toxic gases.

Clyn UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaner is widely used to disinfect ambulances, operating rooms, emergency service vehicles and similar sensitive areas.

What Will You Find in a Clyn UVC Light CPAP Hose Cleaner Pack?

You’ll have the following:

  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 UVC1 Hose Sanitizer
  • 1 A/C Charger
  • 1 Protection cloth
  • 1 Travel Case
  • 1 User Manual
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty

Clyn Travel CPAP sanitizer

  • By its very design, Clyn CPAP sanitizer destroys bacteria and germs that occur in your CPAP and BiPAP machines as well as its accessories. Clyn CPAP sanitizer does this using its powerful activated oxygen.
  • Clyn O3N CPAP cleaner employs a one-click sanitizing procedure. Thus, you only need to put all the accessories in a single bag, press “start” and let the machine work. Clyn O3N CPAP cleaner will then complete the process and automatically shut off as soon as the sanitizing is done.
  • Unique, Innovative Design:  Clyn O3N CPAP’s unique design guarantees you’ll enjoy an efficient, inexpensive service, helping you save big. It cleans all accessories including the hose, cushion, mask and machine reservoir.
  • Super-Fast Sanitizer: Clyn O3N CPAP sanitizes superfast-in 60 minutes. As noted it’s medically well-tested and approved.
  • Portable: Clyn O3N CPAP measures 3.15 x 3.15 inches (3.5 oz); it ranks one of the most portable devices on the market.
  • Stay Charged Longer:  The device offers 8 cleaning cycles for every charge and stays charged for 2 hours.
  • Versatile: 3.15 x 3.15 inches and 3.5 is compatible with almost all types of sleep machines
  • Warranty: offers 18 months warranty (from the manufacturer of the parts)

PrimeClean® CPAP Sanitizer

PrimeClean® CPAP Sanitizer produces activated oxygen to reach every corner of the CPAP machine, mask, and tube.

Generally, PrimeClean CPAP cleaner utilizes the same sanitizing procedure found in produce handling, water purification and hospital sanitizing.

  PrimeClean CPAP Sanitizer Overall Features:

  • It’s safe and convenient
  • Fast:  PrimeClean CPAP Sanitizer automatically cleans equipment using Ozone (or activated oxygen). It does so in just 30 minutes, saving you time.
  • Easy-to-Use: You merely plug in the CPAP/ Bi-level, turn it on and let it work. Its simple design means it’s always safe and convenient
  • Automatic cleaning agent
  • Requires no maintenance
  •  Kills 99% of the germs and bacteria in 30 minutes
  • Small and portable (only weighs 7 ounces)
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Requires no soap, water, or other cleaning solutions
  • Uses Ozone (activated oxygen)
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • Comes with (a 10- year lasting) rechargeable lithium ion battery 
  • Gives at least 4 full cleaning cycles per charge
  • Ideal for homecare; may be used to clean multiple items in hospitals
  • Offers a 12- month warranty

How Do You Use PrimeClean Sanitizer?

It doesn’t have to be troublesome or complicated cleaning your CPAP. You merely need to press a button (it’s the only button on the gadget), start it and let it work.

PrimeClean® CPAP Sanitizer uses ozone (activated oxygen to destroy 99% of the germs, bacteria molds, and other pathogens). You don’t have to disassemble the equipment. You don’t need water or chemicals. 

You merely need to follow some simple cleaning procedures as described below:

  • First, clean the CPAP mask and hose
  • Plug in the hose (attach the mask into the device)
  • Insert the mask inside the sanitizing bag
  • Zip the bag
  • Turn on PrimeClean®
  • Wait for about 35 minutes (when the cycle is complete, the indicator will automatically turn off).

The Lumin Bullet

The Lumin Bullet by 3B Medical is widely recognized as a highly effective UV sanitizing device. You can use it to quickly clean the inside parts of any CPAP hose-and it does this in just 2 minutes. The Lumin Bullet is a quick and easy solution that leaves no residues. The CPAP cleaner does not use ozone or any other chemical. Further, Lumin Bullet by 3B Medical does not use water or soap in its sanitizing process. You don’t have to wait for a long time or dry the equipment in order to use it again. It’s an excellent means to eliminate germs and bacteria without a hassle.

How to Clean the Hose with the Lumin Bullet

Since the Lumin Bullet does not use ozone, you only need to sanitize the equipment, and it’s ready for use; you don’t have to wait. Undoubtedly, the Lumin Bullet is recognized as a leading UV light CPAP cleaner.

How the Lumin Bullet Works

The Lumin Bullet creates a UV light source using a small metallic probe. The device has powerful magnets that guide the light through the hose. The magnets are located in an outer shell that surround the hose. 

The case (or shell) also helps to shield the eyes from the source of the light. Thus, there are no potential risks or accidents from exposure to the powerful UV-light.

To use the Lumin Bullet effectively, simply put the silver bullet inside the CPAP hose. Ensure you enclose the CPAP hose inside the magnetized case. Next hold the outer side of the magnetized case, slowly guiding it along the hose.

Certainly, the Lumin Bullet is designed to care easily for your CPAP hose and reduce the time needed before you resume using it. It’s a highly effective product that works efficiently.

Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box

Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box is essentially a large capacity UV Light sterilizer box; you can use it Grownsy to disinfect several items at the same time. It’s so effective that you can use it to eliminate 99.99% of pathogens (germs, bacteria and mold) in your equipment. 

 Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box is particularly suitable for cleaning baby bottles and other equipment used daily. Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box has appropriately been described as a do-it-all machine.

Essential Features of Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box

Large Capacity, Compact Case: Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box can accommodate 12 baby bottles. It’s designed with an ideal dimension measuring 9.84 x 9.84 x 9.84 inches. It weighs 6.6Ib and does not occupy much space.

Multipurpose product: Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box is widely used in many households, kitchens, hospitals, baby care centers, hotels and beauty salons. It cleans both adults and children’s underwear, beauty products, mobile phones and tableware.

Special Design: Grownsy UV Light Sanitizer box is a specially- designed, modern and elegant product. Grownsy is built with a unique melt-blown filter- this ensures that fresh air can always enter. Its inner wall is designed with a mirror; Grownsy offers a 360 degree sterilizing when the UV light is reflected. When the top lid opens, the device is designed to automatically shut off.

Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner

We all know it’s important to regularly clean the CPAP machine. But what happens? Many dislike the effort and time needed to do this manually.

So, many prefer the Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner; it seems to make everything that much easier. 

Features of Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner

    • One-click cleaner: With its one-click feature, Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner is easy to use. You merely need to connect the bag to the Sleep8 machine, place your items inside the bag, power on the device and voila!  It’s ready to go
  • Sleep8 CPAP cleaner has no additional buttons, adapters or accessories 
  • Travel Ready: Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner is lightweight and relatively small. It measures only 5×3 inches and weighs a little over 1 pound. Hence, it’s the ideal travel device for many CPAP users
  • Universally Compatible: You can use Sleep8 with almost all other equipment to clean the tubes and humidifiers
  • Automatic Sanitizer: Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner uses a super-fast automatic sanitization mechanism. It cleans in a 1-hour cycle and switches off automatically when the job is done
  • Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner kills over 99% of germs

CPAP Cleaner Comparison Table

Cleaner Model Price Cleaning Method Time to Clean Cleaning Cycles per Charge Size Air Hose Cleaning Filter Suitable for Travel
Leel Check Price Activated Oxygen (Ozone) 1 hour 8 cycles 4.7×1.95×1.95 inch Yes Cartridge Filter Yes
Respify Check Price Activated Oxygen (Ozone) 90 minutes 4 cycles 3″ x 3″ x 1.5″ Yes Filter bag Yes
Vastmedic Check Price Activated oxygen (Ozone) and UV light 5 minutes UV, 30 minutes Ozone 10 cycles 10.2 x 5.9 x 3.9 No N/A No
Clyn UVC1 Check Price UV Light 3 minutes 80 !!! cycles 4.9 x 1.9 x 1.5 inch Yes N/A Yes
Clyn Travel Clyn Travel Check Price Activated Oxygen (Ozone) 30 minutes 8 cycles 3.15 x 3.15 inch and 3.5 oz Yes N/A Yes
PrimeClean Primeclean Check Price Activated Oxygen (Ozone) 30 minutes 4 cycles 4.6″ x 2.4 Yes N/A Yes
Lumin Bullet Lumin Bullet Check Price UV Light 2 minutes 30 cycles 8.00 x 4.00 x 11.00 No N/A Yes
Grownsy Grownsy Check Price UV Light 5 minutes 30 cycles 9.84 x 9.84 x 9.84 i No N/A No
Sleep8 Sleep8 Check Price Activated Oxygen (Ozone) 60 minutes 3 – 4 cycles 7.00 x 4.00 x 3.00 No Filter Bag Yes

How CPAP Cleaners Work

CPAP cleaners are popular because they sanitize devices easily and quickly. Since many CPAP cleaners are designed to dry the parts after use, you don’t have to be worried about the spread of germs, mold or mildew; it also minimizes the chances of developing illnesses.

We have 3 types of CPAP cleaners:

Ultrasonic tanks: They use cleansing tablets (usually dissolved in water). While the tank holds the mask or hose, the ultrasonic pulses and the cleanser removes particles. But the pulses work only like handwashing; thus, you must hand the tubing and mask to dry.

Activated oxygen (ozone) Using CPAP Cleaners: Many CPAP cleaning devices use ozone to remove contaminants.

NB: Most people don’t like ozone cleaners because of the unpleasant smell they produce. And this is not without reason; ozone is toxic to humans. 

What’s the solution? 

Once you sense the smell of ozone, it is imperative to ventilate the room after cleaning. Most people prefer using UV cleaners because they are completely safe and don’t require any additional steps or processes.

UV light CPAP Cleaners: This is the latest CPAP cleaning technology. Generally, UV light cleans faster. This reliable method is effectively used in medical disinfection processes. It doesn’t use water and keeps the parts dry.

What Are Some Essential Considerations When Choosing a CPAP Cleaner?

Here are some crucial considerations:

  • Time: How long does it take to clean? Some take 5 minutes. Some take hours. Check.
  • Portability:  Do you travel regularly? Pick a portable device that you can easily carry.
  • Compatibility: Does the device work with most equipment? Does it require an additional adapter? Get a perfectly compatible device.
  • Ease of Use:  Must you dismantle the device whenever you clean it? This would be bothersome! How does the CPAP device connect to the cleaner? Is it easy to do so? Find out.
  • Cost: Is the price right for you? Do you need extra financing? Determine this.
  • Warranty: Ensure the product has a valid warranty.
  • How Many Cycles Per Charge:  One of the most important considerations now is the number of cleaning cycles per charge. This is essential because most CPAP cleaners are now designed portable. 

Is it Enough to Use Your CPAP Cleaner – Is it Necessary to Clean Further?

This question is fundamental- what does the term cleaning mean? 

We know that a cleaning activity gets rid of dust and other harmful particles. We clean best using soap and water. 

But sanitizing is different. Sanitizing eliminates or reduces bacteria, fungi and viruses.

So, what’s the best way to sanitize? Simple: You start by cleaning (with soap and water). But still- cleaning leaves lots of bacteria, fungi and viruses. You still have to disinfect

Once you disinfect, you might kill most of these (bacteria, fungi and viruses); it all depends on the disinfection level (low, intermediate or high). Overall, high-level disinfection usually kills almost all the harmful organisms (this includes TB bacteria and HIV viruses).

Overall, it’s essential to understand the difference between sanitizing and cleaning. This is the big point: Despite using a CPAP cleaner, you still need to clean your CPAP using soap and water.  Additionally, CPAP Sanitizers (also called “CPAP Cleaners”) are merely supplementary- or additions- for using soap and water. 

Of course, a CPAP cleaner will kill viruses and bacteria; however, they won’t remove dirt or scale deposits from your CPAP Machine, hose or mask. 

Make sure you understand this.

So, here’s the big question: Is it enough to use a CPAP cleaner to deal with all the pathogens in your CPAP machine and personal items? Take care! 

Even though many CPAP cleaner manufacturers and advertisers claim these devices can eliminate all pathogens, this may not be true. You still have to clean your items and equipment.

To effectively clean most bacteria, fungi and viruses, you must use the high-level disinfection method. Also, your CPAP machine does not necessarily cause infections or make you sick; just ensure you thoroughly clean the machine. 

You definitely increase the risk of getting harm when you start believing there’s no need for any additional cleaning as long as you use a CPAP cleaner; that is simply dangerous!


Most people use a CPAP cleaner for two main purposes: It saves work hours and ensures their CPAP equipment and personal items are sanitized. Yes, make use of these fantastic devices to protect your health and that of your family.  

Use a CPAP cleaner to keep away harmful bacteria and mold from your priceless machine. To choose the best, think about your family’s needs, consider your budgetary allocation and the overall benefits you can get. 

Take advantage of this essential information to pick an excellent CPAP cleaner.

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