Is it Really Safe to Use Ozone CPAP Cleaners? Do Alternatives Exist?

Last Updated on August 24, 2021

Has it ever occurred to you? Sleep apnea is among the most widespread medical issues affecting millions in the United States. You probably know the figures already- over 18 million adults in the US alone are afflicted with this debilitating problem; startling, isn’t it? Moreover, think of it: This medical issue neither respects age nor gender.

Happily, there’s hope- yes, there’s a sure way to keep your breathing passages open. How? When sleeping, simply use the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). But make sure you take the necessary precaution- consult your doctor. Inquire whether using the CPAP is likely to make a difference. Yes, ensure this therapy will actually work for you.

Also, take note; you need to clean this crucial piece of equipment regularly. This is the only way to keep it efficient. Regardless, even the experts cannot agree on precisely how to clean a CPAP machine. Well, that’s really what we want to find out. But even before that, keep these points in mind- you can do the following:

  • Use a UV-based cleaning machine
  • Hand-wash and dry it
  • Use an ozone-based cleaning device

We can proceed to elaborate, starting with ozone.

What Really is Ozone?

Despite some misgivings about its use, ozone is generally compared to bleach and similar chlorinated products. When used as a disinfectant, research has proved that ozone can be 50 % stronger than regular bleach. Remarkably, it can work 300 times faster. So, while the use of ozone can come with certain disadvantages, it also has significant advantages. You should make a wise decision by weighing the benefits and disadvantages.

Can You Use Anything Apart From Ozone CPAP Cleaners?

Some feel the use of ozone can damage your device’s gaskets, silicone seals and corrode the electronics. Some experts also feel use of ozone can increase pulmonary problems in patients.

Well, there are several practical alternatives you can try.

Think about the following:

UV- Based CPAP Cleaners

You can try the industrial version of Lumin that works together with UV (ultraviolet light). For domestic use, the UV-CPAP cleaner is excellent, both for its convenience and disinfection speed. Why not try it? Generally, research has shown that Lumin can kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, fungus, mold, and viruses.

Lumin’s interior cavity is usually lined with highly polished aluminum; this ensures a 360-degree reflection from the UVC source. To ensure the best results, you should present the mask, and water chambers face up.

You can use Lumin to disinfect the water chambers, hoses, and CPAP masks. You’ll quickly find that the Lumin works uniquely, performing double duty as an effective disinfecting device for your personal items. These can include oral appliances, toothbrushes, toys, and hearing aids, among others. Yes, the manufacturers aimed to come up with a multipurpose cleaner that could work in various ways. Every family member can use it daily.

Note that using a dry-heat-based disinfectant alone isn’t usually sufficient. Some experts say that it’s not easy to reach the desired disinfection levels with low-level heat; this is only possible when you extend the duration.

Why You Should Use CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes

There are obvious benefits to using CPAP mask cleaning wipes. But why should you even think about using a CPAP mask cleaner? Well, it’s straightforward- think about the benefits. For starters, it can be a quick 5-minute job using these swipes. Additionally, the device safely cleans your equipment using UV light system. It comes in an easy-to-use design and is excellent for disinfecting non-CPAP items.

Further, you can use CPAP cleaning wipes to clean invisible things. For instance, during the allergy, cold, or flu seasons you can keep the CPAP mask and water chambers rid of pathogens using these devices. In this way, you reduce the risk of catching infections.

You can use the devices to reduce issues with skin breakouts and rashes. With ozone-based cleaners, you usually need to disinfect for 10 or more minutes. But with the Lumin UV system, there’s practically no waiting time. You disinfect whatever you want and get to use your mask right away.

Finally, you can use this equipment to sanitize small personal hygiene and household items like swim goggles, toothbrushes, eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids, mouthguards, pens, and pencils- virtually anything! Don’t you agree that using CPAP mask cleaning wipes and the Lumin UV system is actually worth your while? You probably do!

Is it Time to Buy a CPAP Sanitizer?

Notably, there’s little evidence to suggest that using regular CPAP sanitizers and cleaners can actually reduce the infection risk. On the contrary, the evidence shows that most available devices do not offer additional cleaning “power” beyond cleaning your equipment with ordinary soap and water!

And do you think the companies that manufacture such products are really interested in investigating whether the consumer actually benefits? Of course not! The products are already selling well without muddying the water for future sales!

Then think of this:  in Feb 2020, the information from ResMed strongly indicated that the use of ozone and the associated damage can void the CPAP manufacturer’s warranty. This means- for example- you should never use SoClean with the ResMed CPAP machines.

With such factors in mind, is it time to consider buying a safe and efficient CPAP sanitizer- like the Lumin UV-cleaner? You might find it’s worth doing. Use the information provided here to make a wise and practical decision.


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