Pure PAP CPAP Cleaner [Discontinued since 2021] Review

Pure Pap CPAP sanitizer is a well-known CPAP cleaner that uses activated oxygen to sanitize items (including the machine or mask). PurePap CPAP sanitizer is one of the newest oxygen-activated devices that allows a faster generation of O3 than most sanitizers of the same type.

Pure Pap CPAP sanitizer can automatically clean your CPAP equipment within a short time. Of course, all CPAP users know it’s essential to keep the CPAP equipment clean; who wants to get a cold or contract pneumonia due to using unsanitized CPAP tubing or mask?

Fortunately, Pure Pap CPAP sanitizer can clean all your CPAP gear. To ensure it’s compatible with most models of CPAP machines, the device also comes with an adapter without an additional cost.

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PurePAP stopped its work in 2020. That’s why we recommend a better alternative:

Leel CPAP Cleaner

  • Safe activated oxygen to sanitize thoroughly
  • Destroys bacteria safely and quickly
  • One-button Cleaning; Fast charging technology



What Will You Find in the PurePAP New Unit?

  • Pure PAP device
  • Universal adapters
  • A Sanitizing Bag
  • Charging cord

NB: The Company gives a 30-day trial period (guarantee) for the product.

PurePap Key Features:

  • Completes an automated cleaning process in less than 30 minutes
  • Small, portable device (weighs less than 16 oz)
  • Kills 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Compatible with most CPAP machines
  • Silent operation: Pure Pap CPAP comes with a superior motor that facilitates a noiseless operation
  • Multipurpose Adapter: The provided adapter easily fits into most devices.

How to Use PurePAP Sanitizer

This is an easy-to-use device. Just follow these simple steps:

  • First, disconnect the hose from the CPAP or PAP machine and then connect it to Pure PAP. Ensure you leave the mask connected to the hose’s other end
  • In keeping the water chamber, hose and mask, use the sanitization zip bag (which is included when purchasing the product). Always make sure the bag is zipped and airtight. Also, ensure the water chamber is dry and empty. (Try to clean the water chamber at least once per week).
  • To start the Pure PAP unit, press and hold down the start button for a few seconds. At this stage, the unit will pump the ozone 03 (activated oxygen) into the sealed bag and disinfect the contents inside. After 30 minutes, the machine will beep and turn off automatically.
  • Don’t remove the contents of the bag right away. Instead, leave them intact for about 1 hour after the 30-minute sanitizing cycle is complete. This way, all the activated oxygen or Ozone 03 will convert back to oxygen.

What are the Pros (Benefits) of Using PurePAP?

Here are some user’s recommendations:

Abus5 gives a glowing recommendation for Pure Pap CPAP sanitizer.

He says:

This is a pretty, damn good value for my money. And the product came in real quick; it worked right out of the packaging. Even though the heater hose adapter wasn’t quite snug, I received an adapter in my mail after some excellent customer service, snugged up the connection, and stopped any leaking.

After this, the item worked flawlessly. Of course, I get the usual ozone odor after running the complete cycle- this is easy to fix. Simply make sure you air it for an hour or so after use, and voila! It’s done. Overall, Pure Pap CPAP sanitizer is an excellent product, well worth your money.

JS says:

This is a very nice little machine- great! Moreover, it’s super easy to use. It’s also compact enough to carry along if you’re traveling. And it’s a lot easier than carrying out a full cleaning of the mask, hose, and machine every time. Yes, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Sonic also says this is a great product:

I’m extremely satisfied with the Pure Pap CPAP machine. The company’s customer service is excellent. Since I use a CPAP every night, I know it’s important to keep it clean and safe. Previously, I used to wake up with lots of congestion.

Also, I had endless problems with my sinus. After purchasing Pure PAP, I only used it twice, and the following day I woke up without the problem. At first, I was a little bit skeptical, but now I’m a true believer in this product.

What Are Some Downsides/ Drawbacks/ Cons of Using PurePAP?

Here’s what some users say:

KR says:

I doubt whether Pure PAP is 100% safe to use. Of course, I know the device itself does not cause harm- but does Pure PAP actually disinfect? Well, I don’t think so. I think the answer  is a No!

DG says this:

I think the bag the manufacturer includes with Pure PAP is too small; it can’t seem to fit at once all the CPAP equipment. This means you have to sanitize the items in batches- this is rather bothersome and unnecessary.              .

S also says:

Have tests been carried out on the Pure PAP machine to prove its efficiency? I don’t think so. Yet, I know that such devices perform a sensitive and crucial function. Because of this, these machines require a thorough test before they are brought out into the market to be sold. Well, there’s really no way to test Pure PAP’s efficiency. Perhaps, this is why FDA has raised doubts on the overall effectiveness of most CPAP cleaning devices.

QR says:

 I think the absence of filters in this product raises some questions. If the PurePAP manufacturer claims the product doesn’t use filters, how is it then that the device filters oxygen to create activated oxygen (03)? I’m not even sure that PurePAP produces enough 03 to disinfect my items effectively.

B says:

Does Pure PAP have UV Light? I don’t know if a Pure PAP unit contains the UV light feature -yet this is what disinfects and kills germs. I know most other devices use both UV light and ozone to disinfect.

Pure PAP Official Video


Overall, PurePap CPAP is excellent for CPAP users who want a perfect sanitizer for home and travel purposes. It’s suitable for those who have little time to clean their devices and would be happy to complete the process as fast as possible. The device is ideal for those who want to avoid the hassles of frequently purchasing replacement parts or filters for their machines.

However, Pure Pap CPAP is not the best sanitizer for those who dislike the smell of ozone. So, if you are a CPAP user who likes dismantling the masks whenever they disinfect, Pure Pap CPAP sanitizer isn’t the right device for you.

So, is Pure Pap CPAP sanitizer recommended? Certainly! When all things are considered, Pure Pap CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is recognized as an excellent, quick, and affordable all-around sanitizer that many recommend.

6 thoughts on “Pure PAP CPAP Cleaner [Discontinued since 2021] Review”

  1. I’m generally satisfied with my PurePAP. The one issue I’m having is charging. The charging port seems to not always connect. I’ve used the cable that came with the unit and tried others. The charging indicator light often only lights after I move things around and then if anything is verily touched it goes out. At this point it has been charging an extended time and no indication it is charged. I’m not finding any instructions for charging. FRUSTRATING!!!

  2. Jinx

    I have used my PurePap for the last 10 months and am fully satisfied with every aspect of the unit.
    I have not had any adverse reactions to the cleanliness of my CPAP, the PurePap does a wonderful job, it is very easy to use and contrary to other comments I have read, every piece of equipment fits in the bag very easily. It charges very quickly and a charge usually cleans my equipment about 11-12 times.
    Easy to travel with and is very compact. Good job PurePap !

  3. I love my Pure Pap device and would not trade it for anything. However, I accidentally crushe by USB Charging device and need a replacement ASAP. Can you help me?

  4. I have not used my PurePap for about 5 months. I plugged my unit up and it will not charge, it has been on charge for more than 24 hours. Can you help me?

  5. My Purepap unit will not charge. I have not used it for about 5 months. I have had it on charge for over 24 hours, and it willnot charge, can you help me ?

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